Een gedicht van een cliënt van ons - beantwoord met een gedicht van Klaartje.

The darkest chapter of your life
Written down in so easy words
by people who treat you as a case
I am case
And I never wanted to be
Someone made me become a case
And now I have to carry the cross
And the responsibility of it
Every word I say can be used against me
Every word is doubted and questioned
But I didn’t chose to be part of it
My fault was to be at the wrong time on the wrong place
And I pay for it
I cant stop asking myself
How did I get in this situation?
Why me?
And there is no answer
There are just questions
But no answers
I don’t have the right to know
I am a subject of a case
I am not more than a name on a paper
A name which doesn’t have feelings
I am strong and weak at the same time
And I’m so angry
I know that what he did to me
Is part of my personality
And I’m great,
So should I be thankful?
And what he did to me
Is also my weakest point.
I don’t want to be the same woman as I was back then
I don’t want him to know me
So I want to change
But that means I changed because of him?
And what does that say about me?
I’m so confused
Losing myself in this case
Was hard
But necessary
And I found myself
I came out as a strong woman
And I’m not strong because of him
I’m strong because I want to be
And I want to help others to find strength
Not in their story but in themselves
And I know they will find peace too.
Because we are women and we are brave.
Men can’t do anything to us
Even though they hurt our body and they hurt our soul
Our soul still belongs to us
And I simply accepted that this is part of my way
And a way is made to move forward
So I move on.
As soon as i moved I met incredible people
People who see a person behind my name
And they supported me
When I didn’t ask for support
They didn’t give up on me
When I just wanted to leave everything behind
And I’m here now.
I went through it
Thanks to wonderful women
And I’m more than thankful
For the great work they did
For seeing me
For fighting for me
And putting life to my name on the paper in a case file.

Thank you.

Nina O.

Dear Lady Justice
Can you tell your honours
That law is like a leaf
That has fallen from a tree
Lying on the ground
Floating by the gusts of wind
In little circles round

It seems so random
And thoughtless
But yet is part of a
Mystical process
Build up of cells and nerves
And wondrous tiny woven spurs
Thought out and lived through
By goddesses like Gaia, like Themis
And you
For centuries and ageless times
Created by unknown forces
Stardust and a zillions of lives

That is what I call law of life
The law of what we do and do not know
The law of what we love and fear the most
This law cannot be written in words
But it can be given and heard
By lawyers like your honours
Attorneys and prosecutors

Dear Lady Justice
This is my prayer
I wish that one day
We practice your law
Just by looking at a leaf
Listening to the tree
Breathing the bright air
Honouring our ancestors and heirs
Living justice for what we can bear
Because for this world we love to care

Klaartje Freeke 2019